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Trendy style

13 lessons


Trendy style

8 lessons


Trendy style

7 lessons


Trendy style

7 lessons


only for the Internship and VIP tiers

14 lessons


a lettering mini-course that normally costs €300. Here we give it as a bonus

12 lessons


only for the Strategy, Internship and VIP tiers



only for the VIP tier

2 consultations

and employment opportunity

are included in tiers "Internship" and "VIP"

2 weeks you work

on the real tasks of TrueArtDesign agency, but create illustrations for YOUR portfolio

Under the guidance

of experienced designer

You will create illustrations for your own portfolio (not for our Design Studio). You will be able to sell these illustrations and get profit. Those who achieve outstanding results will receive real orders from our clients

This is what you won’t

find in the course:

Studying of all existing Adobe Illustrator tools. Svetlana chose only the most demanded tools. This helps you to save 1 year of your life.

In the last 3 years all leading brands used exclusively the styles we are studied at the course.

95% of graphical designers decelerate their progress and lose their profit by missing the trends and having the lack of understanding, how to fill up their portfolio.

Using the system «Illustrator PRO», you will stop wasting your time and money

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Interest-free installment

You can get an interest-free installment plan and pay for training in installments

Just click «Pay partially»
after creating an order

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